Zap Cane Stun Gun & Flashlight

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Zap Cane Stun Gun & Flashlight

The Zap Cane stun gun is the melding of a walking cane and a stun gun, making it an essential tool for a hiker out in the wilderness. The Zap Cane has an adjustable height from 32" to 36" and weighs only 4 pounds. It comes with an ultra-bright LED flashlight and a built-in rechargeable NiMh battery. Includes a wall charger and carry case.


  • Adjustable height 32” to 36”
  • Weight capacity 250 lbs
  • Weight 4 LBS/ 35x9x3
  • Ultra-bright LED flashlight
  • Built-in rechargeable NiMh battery
  • Includes wall charger and carry case
  • 1 Million volts

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