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Add perimeter security by creating an invisible barrier up to 300 foot. The wireless infrared beam motion detectors work together in pairs to create an infrared cross beam that detects any intruder that pass through the beam area. When a beam is broken the detectors transmits an alert to the wireless receiver. The use of multiple infrared beams reduces false alarms from small animals and small objects such as falling leaves. The solar powered wireless beam motion detectors require no wiring and are easy to install. The detectors can be mounted up to 300 feet apart and include rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that conserve and store power during the day. Expand the beam security by adding up to four detectors to the wireless receiver. Ideal for all types of outdoor applications such as windows| doorways| skylights| fence tops| etc.

    • Creates an infrared cross beam detects any intruders that pass through the beam area
    • Built- in solar panels charge and store power
    • Multiple IR beams reduce false alarms from small animals and objects
    • Resistant to rain| fog| snow and frost
    • Up to 300 foot range
    • Wireless receiver supports up to four beam motion detectors(wireless receiver sold separately)
    • Four different alert tones indicate which beam motion detector was activated

Solar Powered Siren & Strobe emits a powerful flashing strobe light and loud siren when it is activated by the wireless remote controls which can be over 100 metres away, perfect for protecting lone & vulnerable workers or elderly persons in locations with no power.


A Solar Powered Siren & Strobe emits a very powerful Flashing Strobe Light and Loud Siren when it is activated by one off the wireless remote controls (which can be over 100 metres away), perfect for protecting lone & vulnerable workers (or elderly persons) in remote locations that have no power.

The Siren can be programmed to give a short very loud 4 second chime (useful for calling for general assistance) or a full on 1 minute alarm activation together with a very bright flashing strobe light.

The Remote Controls are powered by standard batteries which would normally last well over one year, the Solar Panel needs to be mounted within daylight.

The Solar Siren could also be used with Solar Powered Wireless Perimeter Beams together with the Remote Controls, this can give additional Safety & Security from unannounced visitors or patients that may be prone to wandering off.