Shirt Stays

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SST01(Foot Loop Style 2 Per Box)
SST02(Shirt Holders 4 Per Box)
SST03(Y Style Stays 2 Per Box)
SST04(Shirt Stays With Locking Clamps 4 Per Box)
SST05(Foot Loop Style 2 Per Box)
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Shirt Stays

Use the shirt stays to attach your shirt to your socks to keep it tucked in at all times, giving a more professional appearance. The shirt stays are easy to put on; just follow the directions below.


    1. Dress yourself partially being sure that you are wearing socks that reach at least the mid-calf. Your undergarments should be on as well as the shirt you are planning to wear

    2. Clip the shirt stay onto your sock so that it is on the outer part of your leg. Repeat with another shirt stay on the other leg

    3. Fasten the other end of the shirt stay to the base of your shirt using the clip. Repeat on the other side as well. You should feel a slight bit of tension from the shirt stay. Otherwise, you will be easily un-tucked

    4. Pull up your pants and fasten your belt. Now you are fully dressed