PYRAMEX Safety Glasses

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Black and Yellow Color Description

Safety Spectacles Provide protection against moderate impact hazards, Metal chips particles and sparks. Special purposes spectacles and lenses (tinted) provide sun glare protection only and shall not be used for infrared radiation protection. Spectacles with infrared filter lenses (IR) should be worn around welding operations. These lenses are specially marked with the shade number. Only IR lenses provide protection against infrared radiation.
Whenever possible we recommend polycarbonate lenses as opposed to glass lenses.
Polycarbonate is far superior in impact resistance. Pitted or scratched lenses should be replaced immediately as impact resistance is severely reduced.
To conform with ANSI and CSA standards, spectacles with side shields, or wraparound lenses providing the equivalent protection, should be worn to protect against hazards form the side.

Safety spectacles provide limited protection and are not unbreakable. Protectors will not
Protect against severe impact hazards. Machine guards, engineered devices or additional protective equipment must be worn for these hazards. See ANSI or CSA manuals for the proper equipment.


Clear Color Description:
Meets ANSI Z87.1+
99.9% UV protection
Black Frame Clear lens, +1.50 Powers
Stylish frame with sleek lenses with integral magnifying lens inserts. Soft rubber nose pad with self-adjusting fingers for all day comfort. Precise placement of lens inserts helps to prevent accidents, headaches and eyestrain.