Nylon Duty Belt Combo with 10W Mini Flashlight

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Nylon Duty Belt Combo with 10W Mini Flashlight

Our Nylon Duty Belt Combo is the perfect starting point for a security or law enforcmenet professional, providing the essential duty gear items needed for most situations. Meticulously crafted with a focus on reliability and functionality, this duty belt stands as a symbol of our commitment to quality and practicality.

Key Features

  • Nylon Duty Belt

    Built for durability and flexibility, the nylon duty belt serves as the foundation of this ensemble, providing a secure and comfortable platform for your essential tools
  • Steel Handcuffs and Case

    Crafted for security professionals, the steel handcuffs and their case offer a robust and secure containment solution, ensuring readiness when the situation demands control and restraint
  • Small Pepper Spray with Case

    Prioritize personal safety with the inclusion of a small pepper spray and its dedicated case. Compact yet potent, this defensive tool is easily accessible for rapid response
  • 10W LED Flashlight with Case

    Illuminate your surroundings with clarity using the powerful 10W LED flashlight. Its case ensures protection and quick access, providing a reliable source of light in any situation. Batteries are included
  • Belt Keepers

    Designed for stability and security, the belt keepers ensure your duty belt stays in place during dynamic situations, allowing you to move with confidence and ease
  • Double Clasp Buckle

    Experience a secure fit with the double clasp buckle, offering reliable closure and adjustability to suit your comfort and preferences.


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