LED Rechargeable Flashlight (Complete Set)

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LED Rechargeable Flashlight Set

Meticulously crafted for those who demand precision and endurance, this flashlight set stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and functionality.

Key Features

  • Black Anodized Finish

    Elevate your gear with a sleek and durable black anodized finish. Not only does it provide a refined appearance, but it also ensures resilience against wear and tear, making this flashlight set a reliable companion in various environments
  • LED Bulb

    Experience cutting-edge illumination technology with the powerful LED bulb. Delivering clear, bright light, this bulb ensures optimal visibility in any situation
  • Rear Button

    Convenience at your fingertips. The rear button allows for easy and intuitive operation, providing instant access to powerful illumination when you need it most
  • 2-Hour Runtime

    When every minute counts, trust in the 2-hour runtime of this flashlight set. Designed for endurance, it ensures a reliable and prolonged source of light during critical moments
  • Nylon Case Included

    Keep your gear organized and accessible. The included nylon case offers secure storage for your flashlight, making it convenient to carry and ensuring protection against the elements
  • 18650 Lithium Battery Included

    Power up with confidence. The inclusion of the 18650 lithium battery ensures a reliable and rechargeable energy source, allowing you to stay prepared without the hassle of constantly replacing batteries
  • AC Charger Included

    Stay charged and ready. The AC charger, thoughtfully included in the set, ensures convenient and efficient recharging, ensuring your flashlight is always prepared for the next use