First Class DefenseGuard Wireless Beam Siren Strobe System

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First Class DefenseGuard Wireless Solar Beam Siren Strobe System

Take home security into your own hands with our easy to use First Class DefenseGuard security system. The wireless beam sensors allow you to be notified of unauthorized intruders to your property; when the the infrared beams are crossed, the siren strobe is triggered which produces a high pitch alarm and strobing light to alert the surrounding area.


  • Solar Powered Wireless Infrared Beams
  • 300 Foot Range between wireless beams
  • Siren Strobe plugs directly into AC outlet
  • 100 Foot Range from Siren Strobe to Beams
  • Mounting Hardware Included for Solar Wireless Beams
  • Pair with DefenseGuard Wifi Touch Panel