First Class DefenseGuard Wireless Alarm Button Trigger

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First Class DefenseGuard Wireless Alarm Button Trigger with Siren Strobe

Take home security into your own hands with our easy to use First Class DefenseGuard security system. The DefenseGuard Wireless Alarm Button Trigger allows you to easily trigger the included siren strobe by simply pressing the large button, and its easy to grip sides allow you to disarm it quickly. This alarm is ideal for any area that requires quick access to an alarm to notify nearby people or personnel, such as in a work environment with heavy machinery, or to alert other people of intruders on a property. The siren strobe plugs directly in an AC outlet and provides a loud alarm signal with strobing light to call attention. The siren strobe can also be linked to the DefenseGuard Touch Panel for additional alarms throughout property.


  • Button is battery operated (included)
  • 100 Foot Range
  • Mounting screws included for mounting button to surface
  • Can be paired with DefenseGuard Wifi Touch Panel
  • Easily adds onto any existing First Class DefenseGuard Security System