Professional Clip-on Tie

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Black(CT01) - 18"
Navy Blue (CT03) - 18"
Burgundy With Stripes(CT07)
Navy Blue With Stripes(CT09)
Royal Blue(CT14)
Dark Navy with Red Stripes (CT15)
Black(CT01) - 20"
Black (CT01) - 22"
Navy Blue (CT03) - 16"
Navy Blue (CT03) - 20"
Navy Blue (CT03) - 22"
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Professional Clip-on Tie

The Professional Clip-on Tie are made from 100% polyester, providing high durability and longevity for extensive use. The tie has three hidden buttonholes to ensure it is securely tied to your shirt. Its distinctive allow you to wear with various colored shirts. The tie is 18" to 20" lengthwise and come in a variety of colors.


  • 100% Polyester
  • For a sharp look, 3 hidden buttonholes secure tie to shirt
  • Distinctive stripes allow personnel to wear with various colored shirts
  • Navy blue stripped ties feature thin red, burgundy, and white stripes
  • Burgundy stripped ties feature thin navy blue, gray-blue, and white stripes
  • 18” to 20” in length